Our Story

red_gem_OurStoryFor two generations, Artinian Gems has been known for searching out fine gemstone materials all over the world. We strive to be experts in sourcing the most beautiful gems. That means you can feel confident in our quality, fair pricing and expertise.
Our Vision Statement is to place:

An Artinian Gem in Every Fine Jewelry Collection

From Mines to Market

Whether in the mountains of central Sri Lanka, deep in the mines of Tanzania or at our gemstone cutting facility in Chanthaburi Thailand, Artinian Gems has always sought to bring the greatest value to market. As the Ethiopian, Wello Opals were being discovered, Artinian Gems was there in action, sourcing out the finest. Examples of our opal collection can be seen on the cover of the Winter 2011 Edition of Gems and Gemology, GIA’s quarterly periodical.

In addition to our broad experience as International Gem Hunters, our team also includes, certified Gemologists and world class gemstone artists. Our highly experienced gemstone faceting team is encouraged to think outside of the box and to create their own faceting styles. Whether it is a fine Sapphire, a rare Sphene or a sparkling Blue Zircon, you will love what they create for you, and you can purchase with confidence, knowing that each gem is faceted to the highest standards.

You can rest assured, that whether it is a $20.00 Citrine or a $50,000.00 fine Sapphire, your ‘Artinian Gem’, will be worthy of your finest design and setting.

As the world moves more and more towards environmental and social consciousness, buyers are now more than ever concerned about, conservation and fair-trade. Artinian Gems vision in this area starts with our gemstone cutting staff in Thailand. Each team member is trained and mentored in all aspects of gemstone cutting, as well as in broader, life skills. They are provided with a training materials that involve development of the whole person. They have educational opportunities for themselves as well as their families.

Artinian Gems’ has always emphasized, environmental sustainability and ‘Fair-Trade’ gems. That is why we have created a close network of trusted, local artisanal miners and gemstone exporters who help us stay close to the source. Many of them have become family friends. So you can make your ‘Artinian Gem’ purchase with pride and the confidence that comes with knowing that lives are being benefited at every step.


In addition to this, Artinian Gems also gives back to the community in a direct manner. We donate to causes that fight ‘human trafficking’; we support two orphanages and are involved in the mentoring of adults as well as young people in Thailand. You will greatly appreciate knowing that your purchase contributes to the greater good.

Three examples of causes that we support are:

  • Love 146 – Working to end child trafficking and exploitation worldwide. We have met the director, ‘Rob Morris’ and we really believe in their cause.
  • The Charis Project – Dedicated to protecting children by fostering entrepreneurial solutions that strengthen and empower families and communities, and that provide for the quality care of orphaned and abandoned children. We are close family friends with the directors and have seen lives changed due to their work.
  • The House of Grace Child Foundation – This is a children’s home in Chanthaburi Thailand, focused on rescuing children orphaned and abandoned due to the Aids epidemic. We are close friends with the director. They do an amazing and selfless work.