July is here and so is the month of ruby. So to celebrate, I’ll be starting this week’s blog with an incredible ruby story from the mysterious land of Mogok in Myanmar. Many gems have incredible and ancient stories. So, I’m going to tell you
When sourcing gems for clients, fair trade is one of our chief concerns. And in no small part many customers concerns as well. Recently I’ve been doing a deep dive into the history and current climate of gemstone fair-trade. True guilt-free trade becomes more pervasive
Hi friends, this is Ben Artinian. This week I’d like to bring to your attention some exciting trends occurring, right now, in our industry. Simply put, many consumers, in jewelry and gemstones have shifted their purchasing habits. Specifically, we’ve seen a shift away from the
If you’re a reader of mine you likely know by now, that I’ve been working to institute Virtual Private Shows as an industry standard.  A month ago, in the middle of the night, the answer to a desperate question became clear.  We were in the
If you’re lucky, you’ll be enjoying the warmth of spring by now.  Welcome to May, and of course, welcome to the month of emerald. Emerald is known for its connection to renewal and rebirth. The rich greens of emerald are refreshing and soothing. So, let’s take
Recently, I read about Nevada’s tourist industry being devastated. This means the loss of jobs for many. For us outside Nevada, this means the JCK show is cancelled. This is happening across all industries in all places in our nation. So, where is all of
It’s David here. If you are like me, lock-down means that business as usual has come to halt. Yet, there are two sides to this coin. There’s the scary, uncertain side, fed by the endless news, and there is also another side. This other side