Spinel, is one of the most sparkling and rare gems found in nature. Spinel is one of the gems I really search for, when I travel overseas. I remember one one trip to Sri Lanka, I found a gorgeous, fire engine red, spinel in amongst
Peridot is one of the most beautiful, verdant green gems found in nature. It is August's traditional birthstone and one that has tremendous history and ancient lore.
Fine Peridot Can Truly Sparkle Like Non-Other. One of my favorite, sparkling, summer colors, is the verdant and vibrant green of Peridot from Myanmar. Those who in the past have complained about their August birthstone are often delighted and mesmerized when, for the first time,
Sri Lankan Ruby 1.09ct, Round. Fine quality.
Ruby – July’s birthstone, is one of the most ancient and rare gemstones. In Sanskrit, ruby is ratnaraj, meaning the king of gems. Ruby is associated with affection, passion, power and enthusiasm. In ancient cultures such as Indian, Latin and Greek, Ruby was sacred and
This rare alexandrite oval pair displays a vibrant color change
Alexandrite – June’s main birthstone and one of the most valuable gems found in nature. It is often described by gem enthusiasts as ‘emerald by day and ruby by night’. The reason for this, is that finer quality gems display a dramatic and seemingly magical

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