This rare alexandrite oval pair displays a vibrant color change
Alexandrite – June’s main birthstone and one of the most valuable gems found in nature. It is often described by gem enthusiasts as ‘emerald by day and ruby by night’. The reason for this, is that finer quality gems display a dramatic and seemingly magical
Brazilian Emerald
Emerald – May’s Only Birthstone One of the most beautiful and rare gems found in nature is emerald. It is the most valuable variety of beryl and it is the only birthstone for May. Other beryls include, aquamarine, morganite and golden beryl (heliodore) as well
Pray For Sri Lanka – Ratnapura Tragic Flooding Hits Ratnapura, Sri Lanka is a picturesque, yet bustling town in the heart of the gem bearing area of southern central Sri Lanka. I have been visiting this area for well over 15 years, buying Sapphires and other gems,
Aquamarine from Nigeria
(continued from part 4) The next day yielded very little in gems, however I did go to a clinic for a malaria test. I was beginning to feel excessively fatigued. So while we waited for the results, we visited my friends new home construction site.

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