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The gemstones here display just a few examples of the many types of gems that we carry. Each piece is carefully examined and then fashioned to the highest standard. Our cutters are true gemstone artists.

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Featured Gems

Tourmaline Pink Oval 3.89ct.
Tourmaline Pink Trillion 6.08ct.
Tourmaline Bi-color Rectangle-Step Cut 8.52ct.
Tourmaline Pink Pear 4.02ct.
Tourmaline Green Pear 2.21ct.

Whats We Do

We Help You Grow Your Colored Gemstone Sales

At Artinian Gems we support you, the independent jeweler and jewelry designer. We are professionals and easy to work with. That means we will do our best to help you find the finest quality gemstones for your custom jewelry projects. You can shop our website or call us personally.

We Make It Easy For You To Help Your Clients

We travel the world for you, sourcing the finest rough gems and cutting them into works of art. Every gemstone has a story, which you can share with your clients. Provide your clients a wonderful gemstone experience with a real story of how their beautiful gemstone progressed from mine to market.

We Bring You Responsibly Sourced Gemstones

Do you want to know that your gemstone is responsibly sourced? We share your concern. One of our passions is personal and community development. We allocate time and money to help develop people and families, especially in the areas where we do business. We support children’s homes and community development projects. We also focus intently on the constant improvement of our staff, their families and surrounding community, where our gem cutting facility is located in Thailand.

We Bring You The Experience And The Story

Do you love throwing special events for your clients? So do we. For many years we have been conducting fun and highly successful gemstone parties for our independent jewelers. Your clients will love it. They will not only receive a wonderful gemstone experience, but will have the chance to be a part of the story and follow their gemstones journey from the mine, to the cutters and finally to your store. Not only will their eyes light up when they see the many gorgeous gems that we bring, but you will get to follow up your gem party by creating custom one-of-a-kind designs for your clients new found treasure

Private Events

One of the most exciting and fun aspects of our business involves our private gemstone and design events. This is where we partner with a local jeweler and together, throw a gemstone and design party.

Gems Hunt

The gemstones below display just a few examples of the many types gems that we find and explore. Notice how how we search through the entire world and find out the most beaiful peices of Gem Stones on the planet in the purest of form. The findings of these completely raw but profound looking stones are just remarkable, Have a look at them yourself!
Nigeria Gem Hunt.
Sri Lanka Gem Hunt
Cambodia Zircon Mine
Sourcing our Gems

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