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Each week we will be featuring a new gem from the Artinian Vault along with custom design ideas. All the gemstones you will see below are available for purchase and you are welcome to use the FREE design as-is, or you can order the gem and adjust the design to fit your needs. We are here to be the gem and custom design resource that you need.

This week we are looking at Aquamarine!

Vault Secrets: Aquamarine

These wonderful pastel gems were sourced from our mining partners in Nigeria and Sri Lanka. Untreated aquamarines like these are very rare, as most are heat-treated to bring out the most desirable color. While heat treatment is nothing to look down on, the fact that these ones here don’t require any treatments is a testament to their stunning natural beauty.

In their rough form, they are taken to Thailand and faceted by our team of world-class gemstone artists, making each piece is one-of-a-kind!

Creating A Piece to Treasure

Now let’s put some gems together using our featured aquamarine, into one extraordinary, legacy piece.

  • Top – Grape garnet from Mozambique .32ct, 4mm
  • Middle – Yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka .40ct, 4mm
  • Bottom – Aqua from Nigeria 2.69ct, 15×9.5mm

Total cost for all three gems is only $2342.00 MSRP! That’s about a 40% discount !

Custom Design & Mounting

This custom design is FREE, and was created in collaboration with our partners at Malakin Diamond

Total Mounting ONLY $995.00! That’s about a 30% discount!

Note: The price may vary based on gold market pricing and/or if you wish to make changes to the design using different gems.

Secure Your Gems Now!

Get everything you see above for ONLY $3337.00!

The gemstones featured here are one-of-a-kind pieces so act fast to secure your gems and FREE custom design today! We would love to work with you to come up with something you will love and cherish for a lifetime.

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